Simulated Saturn 5 Launch Checklist

  1. Press Enable IMU button.
  2. Wait 85-90 seconds until NO ATT light turns off.
  3. Enter V37E01E to initiate major mode 01 (Prelaunch or Service Initialization). PROG should read 01, if not try again in few seconds.
  4. Wait until IMU is calibrated (pitch 90°).
  5. Major mode 02 (Prelaunch or Service Gyrocompassing) will automatically start in few seconds (PROG shows 02).
  6. Press Launch button.
  7. MET (Mission Elapsed Time) clock starts running.
  8. Major mode 11 (Earth Orbit Insertion Monitor) will start after the detection of the launch event.
  9. DSKY updates every two seconds with the latest state-vector data:
    • R1 = velocity (XXXXX ft/s).
    • R2 = the altitude rate (XXXXX ft/s).
    • R3 = the altitude above the pad (XXXX.X nmi).
  10. The powered flight lasts 11 minutes and 44 seconds. Both roll and pitch programs are executed.
  11. You may monitor the orbit parameters at any time after the launch by entering V82E:
    • R1 = the apocenter altitude (XXXX.X nmi).
    • R2 = the pericenter altitude (XXXX.X nmi).
    • R3 = the time to free fall (XX XX min:sec).
  12. After a successful launch, both the apocenter and pericenter altitudes should be >90 nmi.
  13. Press PRO to return to major mode 11 display.
  14. Enter V06N32E to display time from perigee:
    • R1 = 00XXX. hours
    • R2 = 000XX. minutes
    • R3 = 0XX.XX seconds