Version 3.3 of SVTSIM was deployed on 7/8/2013. A summary of the new features includes:
  • The caliper is now moveable and resizable.

  • Bug fix for SVTSIM Lite.
Version 3.2 of SVTSIM was deployed on 7/1/2013:
  • Minor modification of the user interface.

  • New help documents (user's manual and SVT tutorial)
Version 3.1 of SVTSIM was deployed on 6/23/2013:
  • Support for older Internet Explorer browsers (IE 8 and older) is now provided by SVTSIM LITE.
Version 3.0 of SVTSIM was deployed on 6/11/2013:
  • Flutter mode, with both typical and lower-loop flutter scenarios, is added and can be reached by pressing the button on top of the page.

  • Simulated ablation is now available in the Advanced and Flutter modes.

  • Automatic interval measurement is active in all modes when the screen is paused by choosing the desired interval (PP, RR, PR, AH, HV, and VA intervals) from the dropbox in the bottom of the screen.

  • Many under-the-hood modifications to improve performance and reliability.

Work on version 4 is ongoing. The planned new features are:
  • Full 12-leads surface electrogram (ECG) simulation.

  • Reentant ventricular tachycardia (VT) simulator.

  • Pulmonary vein ablation (PVI) simulator.

svtsim is a web-based cardiac electrophysiology study (EPS)/arrhythmia simulator, which is primarily designed for training and education. Its target audience includes cardiology and clinical cardiac electrophysiology fellows-in-training and electrophysiology laboratory nurses and technicians. svtsim provides an environment to simulate different cardiac arrhythmias. It allows the user to perform various diagnostic maneuvers by pacing the simulated heart in realtime.